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Scotch Pond canvass wrap photograph on wall in home

"Scotch Pond has been given a place of prominence in our entrance lobby and we feel helps to extend a welcome to all who enter."... Tony and Margaret

"Tide Pool at Dawn and Maple Leaves in Goldstream River make fantastic additions to my office and bring the great outdoors in. My colleagues often stop by and remark how much they really love the photos.” ... Vanessa

Fireplace and photo on canvas (1 of 1).j

"Foggy Sooke Harbour" is on display in our home. It really adds a soft presence above the mantel in our living room.

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Scotch Pond at Jenna and Coles.jpg

"We love having Scotch Pond in our home. It is stunning."  ... Jenna and Cole

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“Foggy Sooke Harbour is the perfect focal point for our living room. We love how you can almost smell the salty air as if you’re by the ocean on a foggy misty day.”

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Foggy Sooke Harbour at Vanessa  image0[10872].jpeg

Love the amazing photo canvas as the focal point - “Undisturbed Moss” ... Cameron and Vanessa

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Undisturbed Moss at Vanessas Crop for Wix Website.jpg
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